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Communication to inmates while they are in prison can be quite the difficult task. Inmates cannot receive phone calls in most facilities, but they are able to make collect calls, or use a phone card. At TurnKey Corrections we offer a phone card service over our website that automatically gives inmates access to purchasing time on a calling card.

TurnKey has a commitment to contact and would like to extend services conducive to helping make connections without the need for shipping. Make it easy for a loved one or family member to give the gift of communication that can be shared with the individual at your facility.

Instantaneous Delivery

As soon as the phone card is purchase for the inmate, it is delivered to them via PIN number. This PIN number is only available for them to see when they log into a kiosk using their smart card.

This instant delivery system cuts out every middle man possible and delivers the cards directly to the inmates upon purchase. There is no need to wait for shipping.

Reputable Source

TurnKey Corrections buys only from sources that sell 100% guaranteed phone cards. There has been research done and an honest and stable company was chosen for our service to avoid paying for illegitimate phone cards. Our provider will not disappear from the scene or release unreliable PINs to inmates.

Need information? Please request information using our contact page.

We sell our phone cards on in increments of $10.00 for a total charge of $11.00 with fees. The amount of minutes is based on the rate table that illustrates what the current rate(cents/minute) to a particular destination is.

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