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Secure Messaging Solution

Control inbound and outbound message routing with options to automatically route, withhold delivery, or require approval based on sender, receiver, message content, and other filters. Available to Inmates for pre-defined requests, and also vending staff for vending related issues.

  Powerful Service

Confidentiality options - Available Inmate and Staff messaging allows private requests for medical purposes, grievances, and more.

The ability to keep close tabs on the issues and resolutions in real-time. View individual inmate's message history. Two way messaging between inmates and staff.

Intuitive Messaging Interface

Messaging can be easily composed with pre-defined custom messages to request services like hair cuts or medical assistance. These notes enable quick and efficient resolutions to inmate's needs and eliminate slow response time.

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Using the touchscreen Inmate/Staff messaging helps you automatically have record of all the messages sent or received. An immediate solution to keeping other paper documentation.

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