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Inmate Funds Deposit

Use to quickly and conveniently connect funds to your friend or loved ones account:

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Touchscreen Inmate Kiosks and Lobby Kiosks

All encompassing access for inmates. An array of different options for family, friends, or loved ones to deposit in the public areas of the facility. Software that's simple and yet offers many different options and functionality!


Our TEAM software utilizes kiosks in the lobby that accept both credit cards and cash payments. Choose the custom solution for your unique set up.

Putting money into the system registers immediately for use by the inmate whether it is used for vending, canteen, phone cards, bail, or other services such as medical care. Most of the services can be accessed directly from the kiosks!

Public/Lobby Kiosks

Cash or credit cards can be deposited in the lobby kiosks by visitors at any time. This money is automatically checked on the spot for denomination and also weeds out any fraudulent currency attempts. The visitor selects the inmate from a list and decides how much they would like to deposit.

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Menu options for depositing money are simple and straightforward, but also include a lot of functionality! Our motto: Don't ever sacrifice usability for functionality.

The layout and design of our software won't leave you hanging, or wondering what needs to be accomplished next. There are no difficult tasks on the screen, and we offer multiple creative and simple options for executing our features.

Public service Lobby Kiosks improve the service levels offered to the public, reduce staff time, and increase potential revenues to the facility. Learn more about our Public Lobby Kiosk features - Cash Deposit, Credit Card Deposit, Bail Deposit, Commissary Orders, Visitation Scheduling and advanced security.

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