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Inmate Account
Inmate Account
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Inmate Account Management

TurnKey Corrections offers a full service solution to all inmate account management. We'll integrate all cashless vending, canteen, commissary accounts and more into one system. Our customizable solution includes:
  • Inmate banking
  • Transaction control
  • Reporting

Inmate Banking

It's hard to believe in today's high-tech society, that a prisoner's personal cash is often held in a cigar box or plastic bag. Jail staff must count, record and place in the baggy any cash brought in by visitors to replenish the inmate's account.

Turnkey's inmate banking has solved this problem and other cash handling issues. We have created a system that "closes the loop" on inmate financials, relieving the facility of the need to handle inmate money. The key features are:

  • Lobby kiosks that accept cash and credit card deposits from loved ones coming to the facility
  • Internet connectivity to provide web deposits for inmates remotely
  • Booking kiosks that accept cash from inmates who are being booked into the facility
  • Card release systems that replace checks or cash payout to released inmates and electronically transfer funds to the card

Transaction Control - Customizing Your Correctional Facility

Specifically, utilizing our many features, one can:
  • Allocate funds based on the individual account status, transaction type, or pre-defined limits.
  • Control transaction limits based on individual account status, transaction type, or pre-defined limits.
  • Control balanced limits based on individual account status, transaction type, or pre-defined limits.
  • Use individualized site settings to create custom fee values.



Preview, Save, Print, or Export custom defined reports. On screen analysis and support for many of the common formats: PDF, Word, Excel, etc..

Straightforward invoice, check, and report customization. Little to no training required! Simply choose the report and filter the information as needed.


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