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Inmate Funds Deposit

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Inmate Booking

Take full command of your inmate trust accounts and easily assign an account on your system. It takes no longer than 30 seconds to create an account. You can either enter the information or dump the data directly into TEAM. Our system allows an inmate to use their account for canteen and commissary purchases. It will track negative balances and liens and can also be used to fund bail. Our system complies with all GAAP regulations and uses double-entry accounting.

Inmate Release

Releasing an inmate's funds has never been easier. An inmate's primary concern is that all of their property is returned to them, including their cash. Your concern is that you properly close out their account. Our system streamlines the process for both of you. Everything can be done in under a minute, reducing your operational costs and securely transferring funds and closing out the trust account.

When you close out the account, an inmate can take the funds in cash, check or in a debit card. With our system you'll also collect any balance owed or lien items.

Inmate Debit Release Card

TurnKey Corrections introduces our newest product - the Inmate Debit Release Card! The debit card is an invaluable way to alleviate the time and money involved with processing the release of an inmate. The Inmate Debit Release Card is a prepaid debit card that is loaded and issued instantly at the time of release.

  • It replaces cash or check payment
  • Reduces check issuing expenses
  • Eliminates the risk of handling cash
  • Reduces check fraud and forgery
For the inmate it:
  • Provides easy access to their cash through ATM or point-of-sale terminals
  • Eliminates hassles like check cashing fees and ID requirements
  • Is safer to carry than cash, and easier and cheaper than purchasing a card
  • Provides secruity - via PIN number
  • Offers a viable long-term solution. The card can be reloaded and the account used for payroll deposits
Click here for more information about our debit card provider.

Our check encoding features with a customizable format gives you the direct control over the accounts that are being closed and reconciled.

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